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Fermet Blog

Fermet restores the lost link between local farmers and customers by using modern technology. Through this renewed direct link the local farmer receives a lot more for his produce and the customer receives a fresher product than usual. Explore Fermet in Antwerpen (BE).


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SCOOP store Blog

The SCOOP Store is a physical launch platform for designers and brands that offers them a place for their creations to be sold, without the need for their presence. Explore SCOOP store in Antwerpen (BE).


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Robuust Blog

Robuust is like a mix between an old-fashioned neighbourhood store and a hip Whole Foods Market. The system the store uses is pretty straightforward: you come in and either weigh the pots and containers you brought yourself on a scale they provide. You put a sticker with the weight of the jar on it and at the checkout every jar is scanned and the weight is deducted of the total purchase. Explore Robuust! in Antwerp (BE).


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The store has the look and feel of a Hunkemöller mansion, divided into various sections devoted to different moods. The flagship store sells all of the product groups in the Hunkemöller collection, exhibiting them creatively with special techniques, such as an ‘intelligent lighting system’ for the window displays, digital signage, a Sexy Shapes bra bar and even distinctive fragrances for each product group. There is also a VIP fitting room, where you can change the lighting and background to suit your mood. This is a store that takes shopping for lingerie to a whole new, multi-sense, dimension. Explore Hunkemöller in Antwerp (BE).


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The scenographer, Bob Verhelst, reinterpreted the brand’s iconic codes -such as the uniforms, the infirmary and the hospital beds- in a new and contemporary way, alluding to their past while keeping a sense of lightness. Explore A.F. Vandevorst in Antwerp (BE).


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Consouling Store Blog

Consouling Sounds has a webshop but also a brick and mortar store. In the Store, one is able to buy records and cd’s, with a strong focus on the genres the label is known for. One can enjoy coffee and tea with a slice of pie, and while you’re there, you can even get some personal advice and guidance if you want to self-release an album and wonder how to start. Explore the Consouling Store in Gent (BE).


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A remarkable element of this store is the floor plan with two circuits. In the first part of the store shoppers will quickly find all their purchases for immediate consumption near to each other and then proceed immeadiately to the checkout. The second part is for the daily shopping needs of the local clients. Discover Proxy Delhaize in Brussels (BE).


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Cru, a new concept from the Colruyt brand, has created an atmosphere of a market hall with a quirky selection of fresh products. Breads are made in house and coffee is roasted in the store itself. Food craftsmanship has been integrated and the shop focuses on the interaction between customers, employees and partners. Explore CRU in Overijse near Brussels (BE).


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The designers of king george created a fashion retail concept which managed to combine the past, present and future in a single store. They wanted to give local visitors who are familiar with the history of their home town an ‘aha’ moment. Discover Concept in Lochristi near Gent (BE).


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Combining the best of two worlds…

The masterclass Advanced Retail Design deals with the relationship between retail design and consumer behavior. Unlike other strategic retail design seminars or conferences that are offered on the Belgian market, both angles are seamlessly integrated into this specialized program. The participants are introduced in the process ranging from strategic to operational considerations of design measures. This interface between both disciplines will be covered in each of the seven sessions.

Discover more on the the Advanced Retail Design website.