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Farmers Fridge Blog

Get your next salad at the Farmer’s Fridge vending machine in Chicago (US).


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Leclair du Genie Blog

Combining a laboratory of “Eclairs”, a shop, a workshop and a design office. All in love for Eclairs. Visit La Fabrique in Paris (FR).


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A remarkable element of this store is the floor plan with two circuits. In the first part of the store shoppers will quickly find all their purchases for immediate consumption near to each other and then proceed immeadiately to the checkout. The second part is for the daily shopping needs of the local clients. Discover Proxy Delhaize in Brussels (BE).


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Cru, a new concept from the Colruyt brand, has created an atmosphere of a market hall with a quirky selection of fresh products. Breads are made in house and coffee is roasted in the store itself. Food craftsmanship has been integrated and the shop focuses on the interaction between customers, employees and partners. Explore CRU in Overijse near Brussels (BE).


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The building’s ethos is one of celebrating local, organic produce, with a centre to promote healthy cooking. It is the largest open air fresh food market in Rotterdam. Markthal includes a huge market floor on the ground floor under an arch of apartments. Its shape, its colourful interior and the height turns Markthal into an unique spectacle. Unique is not only its shape and size, but especially the way the different functions are combined. The combination of an apartment building covering a fresh food market with food shops, restaurants, a supermarket and an underground parking is found nowhere else in the world. Explore Markthal in Rotterdam (NL).


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Tesco has made a large investment in its Watford store with the aim of turning grocery shopping into a social experience. As well as bringing together a number of new food concepts for the first time, such as Harris + Hoole, Euphorium and The Bakery Project, the Watford Extra store is also being used to trial a new-look general merchandise area focusing on homeware, and cook and dine, as well as a community space, a nail bar and a new F&F concession. This complex has turned into a retail destination which is enhanced by a team of visible and accessible staff providing great customer service. Explore Tesco Extra in Watford (UK).


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Based on the philosophy of “good, clean and fair” by Slow Food. Products of great quality and taste that respect the totally natural traditions and that provides a sustainable remuneration for the farmers and artisans who create them, for Eataly and also for the end user who has to find real convenience. Discover Eataly in Rome (IT).


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This is the first KochHaus branch, a story that started in 2010 in Berlin. The concept behind Kochhaus is simple: to provide tasty and easy recipes along with everything required to create them, thereby inspiring those who might be intimidated by the idea of cooking at home. Visit Kochhaus in Berlin (DE).


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For amateur chefs looking for cool stainless steel, other quality tools and unusual ingredients. This ia a cozy and charming space for honest cuisine and with a stylish workshop atmosphere. Discover Butch in Düsseldorf (DE).


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Jumbo Foodmarkt (1)

Jumbo Food Market opened a spectacular large food supermarket with a focus on delicious, healthy and cheap food. Bakers, butchers, sommeliers, cheese specialists and self chefs are here ready to inspire the consumer. Explore Jumbo Foodmarket in Breda (NL).