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The new Freitag Store is designed to show from all sides the models of bags and accessories. Explore Freitag in Lausanne (CH).


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The solution is functional and it seems that they are about the first retailer on the planet to have achieved this. Explore in Neuchätel (CH).


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At its factory in Broc(CH), Maison Caillier houses a welcome center designed as a small wood-shingled structure bisected by a glass wall and reveals a boldly modernist interior. Guests can discover their “chocolate personality” by tasting samples with varying amounts of milk, caramel, nuts, fruit, flowers, vanilla, and cocoa. Explore this Maison Caillier chocolate showroom in Broc.


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The coffee company Starbucks unveiled the first ever Starbucks bar/store on a train. The double-decker cafe offers the chain’s signature beverages and pastries, and can seat up to 50 people. The first level boasts baristas and a standing bar, perfect for short trips. Floor two has a roomy lounge area, meant for longer journeys. Various small touches were added to prevent beverage spillage for example, tables have a textured surface, and grooves to hold drinks. Explore Starbucks on the train leaving Geneva (CH) airport.


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Im Viadukt blog

A shopping street and food hall housed under the railway bridge. Explore Im Viadukt in Zürich (CH).


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For Raiffeisen Bank’s Flagship the concept of banking as we know it got a new definition, interior designers from the world renowned NAU have created an environment reminding more of a high-end retail space or an open lounge than a traditional bank. Discover more…


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In the centre of Zürich (Switserland), there is a shop that is renowned throughout Switzerland and abroad. To connoisseurs, no.7 Münsterhof is synonymous with fine cheese. Chäs Vreneli has decades of experience in selling cheese, but behind its traditional shopfront you’ll find a quality of service that is very much of the late 20th century. Its manager is Jürg Wartmann. He has developed his own highly distinctive retailing philosophy, selling natural, high quality cheeses portioned, packed and distributed all over the world, with the accent on freshness.

Source: Chäs Vreneli, The Wall Street Journal


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This is a great example of a company understanding that every piece of its brand is important. Swiss company Freitag creates sturdy bags from recycled truck tarpaulins, seatbelts, and inner tubes. Its flagship store design in its native Zurich (Switserland) plays on the company’s background to create a startlingly unique environment.

Source: Freitag


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La galerie du vin 2

On entering the showroom, one is immediately impressed by the use of wine cases as the main medium of design. They can be found suspended from the ceiling, on the walls as well as on the floor, both as functional and decorative features. Visit Albert Reichmuth “La Galerie du Vin” in Zürich (CH).