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Begendik Cayyolu Store Blog

Begendik created the Cayyolu Store in Ankara, where competition has increased among local emerging players and international retailers. Begendik has pioneered a completely new format for the Cayyolu Store by utilizing their experience in the retail industry and evaluating best practices. The main drivers of the new store concept are the focus on freshness and customer experience. Visit the Begendik Cayyolu Store in Ankara (TR).


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Beymen Zorlu CenterBlog

An inspirational Fashion Luxury Destination that It reflects the richness and spirit of Istanbul. In the store it was all about building in a sense of luxury and service to each department. Both the men’s and women’s areas, for example, offer VIP fitting rooms. To enhance the space and to add imposing landmark transition areas between floors, the business has invested in works from local artists and furniture designers. Explore Beymen Zorlu Center in Istanbul (TR).


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The store is a Camper Talking Shop, a concept in which the customer interacts with the space to create a conversation with Camper. The inside of the store is always changing and communicates in real-time with visitors. Explore Camper in Istanbul (TR).